Monday, February 14, 2011

no Mother Superior in this house

Last weekend we had the privilege of adding another Godchild to our family.
*Tylan Rae*
She joins a wonderful family who we've had the pleasure of getting to know better in the last few years. What drew us to this family first was the shared love of big families. We hope to continue to get to know them better and look forward to getting all the crazy kids together again soon. :) I can quite honestly feel a lifetime relationship with this family and I love it!

A HUGE Thank You to Gina and our families for all the help and gifts and also Father Hackel for performing the baptisms. Everything was greatly appreciated!
notice Gina's face here (bottom right) as he's telling us if Tylan continues to cry she will be a Mother Superior :)
Tylan being baptized
Drew being baptized
top left - Dad's goofy face
top right - Gina with both babies
bottom left - Mallory's crew
bottom right - our entire crew
Casey & Kati
Dave & Erik
and Drew & Tylan
baby Drew

possibly my all time favorite of Casey
Dad trying on my glasses... decided they made him smarter...
birthday girl Hayden showing me how old she was... TWO!
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