Monday, October 25, 2010

celebration of 8 years

While this last week has been rather chaotic and lacking in sleep, there has been a countdown on the marker board at our old house for this beautiful girls birthday. She reminded me every morning for nearly 2 weeks to change the countdown number.

Lucky her, she got to celebrate for 2 days :)

Yesterday we had a lunch for Dave's parents' anniversary where Lia got her gift from grandma and grandpa and later Dave and I gave her the gift from us. Her supper of choice was steaks for tonight so Dave's family and my family celebrated with steaks and mushrooms, cheesy potatoes, salad, stuffing, veggies, and cake. She got lots of nice gifts and I think is looking forward to using her cash at MOA the most.
(Thanks to Mallory and Chris... I think you won this one.) ;)

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