Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Will David: 11 months + 1 day

It doesn't seem as though we've went through another year. But alas, my baby is turning one. 



I'm clinging to 11 months as long as I can. 

Mister has been quite a ham and quite a beast lately. Sleep has been... meh. He has good moments and then bad. He has been enjoying most of the foods we eat as well as nursing strong. My guess is this will be ending soon as well. 

Will is mostly an easy going fella. He is very mobile. And that leads me to this video. Gosh darn kid. He's been cruising around furniture for quite some time now, I'd say at least a couple months. Not shocking, as all of my kids have been the same way. But those first steps, the best ever. And never get old. He walked away from a chair this morning to my open arms and hasn't stopped all day. 

Wonder if I can wear him from now until he starts dating...

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