Sunday, March 15, 2015

happy Sunday!

Hope you're all having a wonderful Sunday! We've had a busy weekend tearing the rest of the flooring out of the kitchen and preparing for painting cabinets! I convinced Dave to do a $500 (which is going to be more like $600 because I talked him into a new faucet and possibly sanding the floors!) makeover to the kitchen. Casey sent me the link to this one and I *love* it. So we're right in the middle of doing just that, a makeover!

Our makeover is a bit different than the blog above, but I think it's going to be great. I'm excited!

Here's my list:
* paint cabinets
* paint handles
* replace faucet
* replace outlet covers
* sand & varnish floors
* island from Dad!!!

Doesn't seem like too much... maybe ;) 

the good news: we didn't find anything growing under the refrigerator or stove. 
the bad news: I'm blogging right now instead of getting a head start while some of the kids are sleeping and Dave's at a meeting.

progress: so so

before/during/after photos: instead... ;) here's a video of the girls playing with Will. he's way more adorable. and clean. kinda. he thinks they're hilarious. 

note: the flooring you see in this video... the flooring we left there for ohhhh 2 months just to see if we would miss it... is now gone!

check back in a few days for some progress photos :)
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