Monday, June 2, 2014


I was all ready to sit down and write up a 52 of 2014 post. Not to catch up, but just to do one. And then Tayt... I forgot Tayt. So here's a photo of our pretty tulips (sooc). They're long gone now. We're watching for the peonies now. BUT the purpose of this post... nothing really other than stating the obvious. Lots of life has been happening here. Everything is a little greener. Everyone is a little healthier. We've been spending time outside a lot. Mostly enjoying the weather. Photo sessions are picking up. I'd like to say my blog posting will pick up, but I have editing to do already... another session Sunday, a wedding next weekend... so really, my time is almost nonexistent. Story of my life. 

so much to do, sssooo little time. 

Butttt I'm trying to enjoy every bit of time with these little kiddos before they grow up and become a freshman... Peyton! don't get me started about where that time has gone :(

I hope all you Wisconsinites are enjoying the beautiful weather!
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