Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"new" benches!

The photos below are severely deceiving. Our entryway *never* looks like this. Currently there is only room on the bench for the dog to lay. There is an infant car seat that needs to be removed from the situation until it's needed. There is a box on the floor to be donated. Shoes, boots, hats, gloves ALL over the place. It's a mess. Literally. BUT the benches are done! many thanks to my sister, Megan, for this. She came over one day, saw I was starting the process of recovering, and said she could do it better and faster and harder. So I let her take them and do them. FYI: I could have done just as good a job, I know it ;)

before (eek!)

and after!

I wouldn't mind painting those legs or touching up the stain job. And I've been bugging my dad about adding a shelf under them to add the 4 baskets (the large ones) I have laying around here (see top photo). and I mighttttt also be thinking of repainting… Dave's going to kill me :|
Baby steps though!
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