Tuesday, November 13, 2012

random daily goodies

Our last couple weeks and weekends have been quite busy. Mostly just random things here and there but I've been way behind on blogging. And cleaning. And almost everything else... I guess that's just life. Here are a few photos off my camera. Just complete randoms. But I thought you'd enjoy... so... enjoy :)

Lia helped watch Meg during a family shoot last weekend
for whatever reason, this blows my mind... brothers... with babies. MIND BLOWN.

I watched the boys and prepared for a senior photo shoot. They were very willing to be my subjects :)
and then Nash had to do the same as Luke...

I promise I'll be back with something more interesting very soon. I have some 1 month photos of Meg that need to be posted before she turns 2 months... how is that HAPPENING!!! as I'm hearing her scream from the other room... back again another time :)
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