Monday, November 19, 2012

four together

This year we're fortunate enough to have the four oldest kids in the same school together. This is the very first time their school has a kindergarten program, and I know there are a lot of families extremely excited about this. Less running for us, and I love that they're all in the same building to look out for each other a little bit. It's a small school to begin with but I like that the littlest ones are now with the "big" kids.

Peyton (12-1/2) 7th grade

Lia (10)  4th grade

Austyn (7-1/2)  2nd grade

Tayt (almost 6!)  kindergarten

They're all doing very well with their studies, and I'd say they did an excellent job with their photos this year ;) I let them pick their own background. Tayt picked his because "we live in American, Mom." :)

Also, I'm completely aware and not very excited that they're all looking very old in these photos. After posting this I'll be going to tell them to ssslllooowww down. Mom can't handle it ;)
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