Sunday, April 29, 2012

etsy Sunday

Severely behind on my blogging. I really have no excuse. I've gotten back on track cleaning the house and conquered one bedroom last week... that may or may not be clean still at this point... darn boys! Regardless... thought I'd start a new post series. Not sure where this will lead, but I'm stealing the inspiration from Casey's etsy posts. ;) you can also see some more here.

I have a few vintage loves and both of these I love. I'm searching for a medium to large suitcase for photography props and I'm really liking the black one...hmm...

I also have a strange obsession for these owls. They're just so darn cute!

Maybe it's because I love writing the letter "L," but these look so simple and pretty.
Really liking!

Something about this bag. For a camera... a diaper bag... so many things. And could go with so many things.  I'm a simple gal, and this I like.

Okay, more another time :)
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