Sunday, April 29, 2012

babysitter classes warranted

Often times I wonder if the oldest two are capable of watching a couple of the younger ones... just for brief moments. We're talking a quick run to the shop which is 3 houses south of here or a quick walk out to the garden... well, I'm not convinced Lia (second child) is quite ready ;) I am well aware children are incredibly speedy creatures... this is how I found Drew mere minutes after I asked Lia to watch her. Luckily, I was just doing something in the kitchen... the connecting room... but of course I had to grab the camera quick :)

Nash had to follow suit, of course.

You might be relieved to know there are 2 benches directly underneath that window so 1) Drew is not a purebred monkey and 2) there is some cushion to a fall ;) I fear that she has no fear... ugh!
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