Friday, February 27, 2015

[big] family love

These photos pretty much speak for themselves, but one of my favorite things is catching the big kids with the littles. Reminds me that we are doing something right. My only hope is one day they'll grow to love big families as much as Dave and I do...and who knows, maybe even have one of their own :)
afternoon bus watching/waving ritual

not sure who is having more fun here...

photo courtesy of Lia - glad to be caught on camera :)

casual conversation over morning cereal

these animals took over during Theo's monthly photo. Will = ham.

helping each other with knowledge-a-thon questions (they all did great!)

abnormal morning where they're *all* ready to go before the bus gets here. and waiting patiently. nicely.

an afternoon playing together nicely

we like kisses 'round these parts. the more tongue the better... wait, that came out wrong...

when your 8yo rocks your baby boy to sleep, your ovaries just fall right out

more Lia love. she can't help it. most of us can't.

afternoon coloring. together. nicely.

busted on the Xbox. being all cute will make mom less mad, right? ;)

last but not least, Duke makes an appearance

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