Saturday, October 18, 2014

etsy+ Saturday

In classic fashion, it's been awhile since I've done an etsy post. This does not mean I have been away from my computer as long as I have been away from my blog. Oh no. Not at all. I'm at my computer daily. Granted, August, September, and October have been extremely busy. I feel like this weekend we have nothing to do. And I'm searching for something to do... kind of... but not really. I was thinking of doing a Sam's run. We shall see. Okay, rambling!

Point: etsy+ cominatcha!

These are adorable, although I'm quite certain one of my children would eat at least one of them.

I'm not entirely sure what to do with this salve, but I love the packaging.

My sister, Casey, a good friend of ours, and myself are taking a ceramics class at our local high school. We're all completely in love with the class. I keep running across ideas, and I'm loving this!

Another jewelry item catching my eye that I'll probably never wear as I almost never change my jewelry.

More inspiration for our ceramics class :)

Again with the adorable packaging!

Cute item for the kids to ruin and/or lose pieces to. Maybe Will would enjoy chewing on this/these :)

No idea where this would go in my house, but I'm in love with painting a room white and adding this to one wall. Hmm... winter project in the making... 

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