Friday, September 26, 2014

mine all mine

We're closing in on fall here in Wisconsin. While I don't mind the cooler weather, I sure will miss the summer, the green grass, sitting in the shade while the kids play, mowing the yard, all things summer! As usual, it's gone wayyyy too fast. September was supposed to be a little calmer than August. And now I find myself hoping October is a little calmer than September...we shall see!

October seems to fill up with photo sessions, and this last weekend I drug let the kids come along for a photo session with Dave's cousin and his wife. I like to get a photo of all the kids together when I remember (clothing optional) because they're growing up and soon they'll be moving out and they'll never come home for hugs! Nevermind... they're never growing up... 

takes a few photos until they realize what's going on...

Nash trying out his new smile...

Nash! Willlll!

Lia tries to help make them focus...Meg might be screaming "cheeeeesssseeeeeeeee!!!"

sssooo close!

forget it.
Nash - Austyn - Peyton - Lia - Will - Drew - Tayt

8 kids. 11 photos. NOT too bad if I don't say so myself ;)
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