Wednesday, November 20, 2013

etsy Wednesday

I'm wayyyy behind on my 52 of 2013 project and doing equally as terrible with my etsy posts. Since I've been in the shopping mood since our recent trip to Mall of America, I thought I'd play a teeny tiny bit of catch up with the etsy likes. I could spend meaningless days on etsy, but I would love every second of it!

I'm in *love* with this cutting board! This would be amazing for holiday celebrations :)

Just added a pair of boots to my wardrobe while on our MOA trip so I'm excited to find some cute leg warmers.

I don't change my jewelry often (or for long before I switch to my originals) but this would be adorable for the few pieces I do have.

These are just tooooo adorable!

With Christmas fast approaching, this little guy would look adorable anywhere in the house until the tree is up.

I have no idea what I would do with these, but they were too adorable not to share :)

so festive!!!

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