Tuesday, March 20, 2012

mini pom

Over a month ago now, we went to a local high school game on a Friday night. Not completely by choice, but Austyn was dancing. Lia was supposed to dance this year as well but she was really not feeling well. (thanks to our wonderful neighbor for keeping her so we could all go watch) :)

Nash feet :)

and the madness begins. Lining all these kindergarten and 1st graders up for this dance may have been a better show than the actual dance... they were all slightly confused the entire time.  :)

Austyn, of course, was on the opposite side for the 'finale' but this is one of our regular sitters helping out. She got the moves ;)

This year 2 young men broke out some moves half way through the older girls performance that was so cute.

When anyone asks what the kids like to participate in, it's usually... Peyton participates in sports that last almost 9 months of the year (extreme guess).  Lia participated in softball for a summer.  And Austyn tells everyone she's in 'mini pom.' Mini pom consists of 3 to 4 practices and 1 performance, an entire week of the year. She's hilarious but it makes her happy so I'll take it :)
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