Wednesday, September 21, 2011

preceding Mr & Mrs

Although the entire process of preparing for their wedding may have been relaxed, we all knew the bride was serious business when it came to all the details. I'm so proud of how everything came together for Casey and Jake (Jacob). Casey did an amazing job in her preparation. And by amazing I mean spectacular/awesome/outstanding/phenomenal... beyond all of these!

These are photos from the rehearsal. Enjoy!

Enjoying Mallory's run-in with the video taping...hopefully there is more of that to be seen from Casey...

test walk down the aisle :)

this is after being reprimanded to behave...

Peyton being Renee. ;)

Pastor Hannula working her magic

Casey is so done rehearsing

our fabulous Musician

Grandpa Goat keeping Drew occupied

the Bride displaying her organizational skills

Pigg loved our gifts :)
More photos to come. You can also see Casey's photos here (here, here, AND here) and my Mom's photos here. Amazing day(s)!
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