Thursday, June 24, 2010


Trying to keep a daily routine in our house the first weeks of summer is nearly impossible. This year Peyton is in baseball again, Lia again is in softball, and Austyn now started T-ball. Peyton is either practicing or playing 3 nights a week and the girls play 2 nights of the week. All this in addition to Dave's softball career and there are literally no nights of the week left. We've been enjoying the rain cancellations the last few weeks so we can actually spend some time together as a family... and do nothing!

Despite all these ball schedules, we try to keep up with a bedtime routine. As you can imagine, getting 5 kids to sleep at the same time is nearly impossible. Just to give you an idea, this is how we like to close the nights... pajamas, all kids to the couch for prayers, kids give each other hugs, kisses for mom, vitamins, drinks before bed, and dad tucks everyone in while mom checks her email and facebook... oops... while mom keeps Nash busy. Yes. That's my job :)

Now anyone who has been here for this adventure knows it does not go as smoothly as that just sounded and you also know I left out the yelling, slapping, laughing, break downs, tickling sessions, and crying.

By 5 kids you've seen, done, and heard almost everything. While Dave and I are well aware of all the things we'll go through during this bedtime routine, the 3rd and 4th born believe this is the first time dad and mom are hearing this... and the next 2 hours are filled with some of the following (also in addition to the yelling, slapping, laughing, break downs, tickling sessions, and crying)...

*I'm scared.
*I'm tired.
*I'm hungry.
*You didn't give me a kiss.
*You didn't give me a hug.
*I need another drink.
*Is it night out?
*My toe/foot/finger/arm/head/eye hurts.
*Can I have an ice pack?
*Can you wake me up in the morning before you go to work?
*Can I sleep with you?
*Can I sleep on the couch?
*Can I sleep on the floor in your room?
*Can I sleep with Peyton/Lia?
*I'm hot.
*I'm cold.
*Can I have some medicine?
*I have to go potty.
*Is Grandma coming to watch us tomorrow?
*When will Grandma be here tomorrow?
*Can I give Nash a kiss?
*Is it raining?

Feel free to use this for future reference with your own children. Beware: they do not go down without a fight. Even when you do give them medicine. ;)
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